Keep Intruders Out With The Addition Of Razar Tape

As the name suggests, Razar tape isn’t something you want to mess around with.  And it certainly doesn’t lend itself to climbing.  And that’s exactly why it is one of the most effective perimeter control measures for your property.

At Australian Security Fencing, we pride ourselves in a quality product that has been specially designed to prevent intrusion along your boundary line.

Why would I add Razar Tape to my Fence?

There’s no doubt about it: loops of metal coil, armed with knife-like blades which are designed to inflict serious cuts to anyone who attempts to climb it, certainly present a formidable challenge when it comes to scaling a fence.  In fact, it’s very presence on the top of a fence is often enough of a visual barrier to deter intruders.

It is not only great for keeping intruders out, it’s also highly effective in situations where it is necessary to keep who or what is inside the compound, inside.  Razar wire is naturally aggressive in its appearance and its anti-penetration qualities are high, owing to the fact that it is difficult to cut and it’s physical shape forces intruders away from it.

Is it difficult to Install?

Not at all. Razar tape can either be installed at the time of fence construction or retrofitted to an existing barrier.  It is manufactured from top-quality spring steel core wire and galvanized steel strip.  This makes it the perfect product for a wide range of high-security cases such as temporary barriers, prisons and correctional facilities, military bases, airports, mining and industrial sites, police stations and government buildings.  Indeed, in many situations across the country and overseas, it has been proven to be a very cost-effective security measure that really works.

There are several designs of Razar Tape: Here are our 3 most popular choices for commercial areas.


Continuous coils of top-quality Razar Tape, available in a range of different diameters.  The ‘concertina’ is formed by connecting adjacent loops at various points, which makes the structure self-supporting.  It can be fitted to an existing structure, provided there is adequate room for overhang on both sides of the fence.  Strong, durable and very effective.

Flat Loop

This is a series of individual barbed coil loops that are easily fitted to an existing structure. Because it doesn’t overhang on either side of the fence, it is ideal for a retro-fitting situation. Common uses for Flat Loop Razar Tape are council sites, government utility sites and private and industrial properties.

Barbless Razar Tape® Monitoring System

This product is new, very effective and unique to Australian Security Fencing.  Low voltage pulses, sent along a barbless coil, monitor the system and detect any efforts to dislodge or remove the product.  Different areas of the system can be zoned for ease of monitoring.  Essentially, although the visual appearance of the barrier may not be as intimidating, it is a highly effective way of monitoring any interference with the boundary line.
Razar tape is a relatively simple but highly effective perimeter control measure.


It is easy to install and requires little if any maintenance. It will also be a huge deterrent for those wanting to enter or exit the property by penetrating the boundary fence.  Call Australian Security Fencing today on 1800 666 927 and talk to one of our specialists: we understand what it takes, and we’re serious about securing your property.