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Visual Deterrent Or Physical Barrier?

What’s the purpose of a fence? Is it to provide a barrier to stop unwanted intruders actually entering your property? Or are you hoping that the mere presence of a fence will provide that visual deterrent before entrance is attempted?  Is it merely to look good? Or all of the above…?
Our homes and businesses are hugely valuable.  In fact, for many of us, our homes or businesses are the fruit of our whole life’s hard work and savings, so it stands to reason that we are fiercely protective of them.  And when it comes to physically protecting a property, it’s wise to work from the boundary in…

Just how important is security?

A quick browse through the newspaper at morning tea time will reinforce that crime in today’s society is a force that we need to take seriously.  Break-ins, theft and vandalism are very real threats, and we must take measures to protect our homes and businesses against them.

Let’s face it – a property without high-security fences is an easy target for intruders. There’s simply nothing to stop them.  And if your intruders are planning to actually break in or vandalize your property well step #1 – getting onto the property – is frankly a pushover!


Boundary Fences

By erecting a boundary fence, you have taken the first and one of the most important steps towards property security.  The mere presence of a fence is a visual and mental deterrent.  By placing that barrier in front of the intruder, you have immediately taken your property from the ‘easy-as-123’ category to one that has an initial obstacle to be overcome.
If your boundary fence is a solid one that blocks visual access to your property, it may hugely reduce the temptation for intruders to enter, simply because they can’t see in.  Of course, the risk with a solid fence is that if somebody does enter, once they are inside the fence they are concealed from the view of those outside.


Internal Security fences

Moving in from the initial boundary fence, internal security fences can also be both a physical barrier and a visual deterrent.  The presence of a fence will act as a barrier to staff or anyone else on the property, e.g. a certain area is unsafe to enter; there may be fast-moving traffic; water or chemical storage or dangerous machinery.  By erecting security fencing, you are protecting both yourself, your staff and anyone else who enters the property, thereby fulfilling both your legal and moral obligations as a business or property owner.

“But won’t a security fence make my place look ugly?” I hear you ask…..

The simple answer is “no”.  There is no reason for high-security fences to downgrade the street appeal of a home or business.  In fact, there is every reason that they should do exactly the opposite.  At Australian Security Fencing, we have a huge range of design styles that cater for each and every situation, so you can rest easy with the knowledge that your new fence will enhance the look of your property as well as keep it safer!

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