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5 Uses For Heavy Duty Bollards

Let’s get back to basics: what are bollards?  Put simply, they’re short posts, either temporary or fixed. Their main use is to prevent traffic from entering a specific area.  Heavy duty bollards are an essential element for many effective traffic management and public security systems. Whether it’s to prevent hostile or unintentional vehicle breaches, bollards are a simple and very effective way to protect pedestrians, your property and your assets from possible harm.

Australian Security fencing has been supplying both temporary and embedded bollards across the country for use in situations where security is important.  Defence facilities; detention Centers; government embassies; public events; seaports; warehouse depots; airports and car-parking spaces. They all require traffic control and defined safe walking areas for staff members and other personnel.

So, let’s take a quick look at the 5 most common uses for heavy duty Bollards:

1.    Traffic Regulation

Bollards are used extensively to regulate and control traffic.  They define parking areas, enforce safe distances between foot traffic and vehicles and help to slow traffic by narrowing lanes. The type of bollard used will depend largely on the individual situation and the scale of risk involved. However, if the control measure is permanent, bollards are normally the embedded type. These are a strong carbon and stainless steel structure that is extremely tough and impact resistant.

2.    Temporary Traffic Control

There are many situations where temporary vehicular and foot traffic control is necessary. Public events, school zones, and roadworks, to name a few. In these situations, surface mounted bollards are generally used. They can be set up easily and removed when they are no longer needed. Surface mounted bollards supplied by Australian Security Fencing are durable, tough and built to last. While they may not withstand a serious vehicle breach, they are perfect for guiding traffic.

3.    Access Control

Perhaps the key feature to effective security is access control. And, as we well know, there are many situations where it’s necessary to prevent vehicles from entering.  Embedded bollards are commonly used to prevent vehicle access from one end of a street or into public recreation parks or walking tracks. Retractable bollards which can be lifted to allow occasional vehicular access are used for controlling what vehicles enter high-security areas.

4.    Property Protection

Heavy duty bollards are used to protect the corners or other structural elements of buildings from potential damage. Vehicles that are too close to the building will hit the bollard rather than the building, preventing large-scale property damage.

5.    Security

Bollards are often placed outside large glass shop-front windows as a serious security measure.  Anti-ram bollards are embedded below ground and prevent vehicles gaining access to a property by driving a vehicle into the windows.

At Australian Security Fencing, we understand what it takes to secure your property.  There’s no doubt about it: the need for security isn’t lessening. But we’ve got what it takes to ensure that your business is protected from harm.  Call us today on 1800 666 927 and talk to one of our team.



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