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It has become increasingly necessary to provide extra safety measures to protect areas we once thought were safe. Fixed or retractable bollards provide a reliable level of extra security to pedestrian areas to protect people from hostile and non-hostile vehicles. Bollards are also extremely well-suited to protect government facilities and other infrastructure related buildings – providing a layer of protection that prevents penetration of potential vehicular threats. Australian Security Fencing provides a range of protective bollards to businesses and government agencies across Australia.

Crash rated boom gates are another way to secure and control access to important facilities and buildings. We offer highly secure crash tested gate options to help safeguard your business or government institution.

Please look through our Bollard and Crash Rated Boom Gate options below. If you have any questions or need more info, call us on 1800 666 927 or send us a message.

Bollards & Crash Rated Boom Gates Available for Your Secure Facility

More Information About Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Solutions

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