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Sliding Gates Vs. Swinging Gates – The Benefits Of Both

Access points are one of the most important features of your security fence.  Access points are the obvious place for intruders to target and, as we know, any security system is only as strong as its weakest point. Thats why it’s super important that you choose the right sort of gates for your property.  To ensure top-notch security, your property needs gates that are strong, robust and reliable. Gates that facilitate safe and secure pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Both sliding and swinging gates can be integrated into your total security system. Additonally, both styles can be operated either manually or electronically.

When deciding on a style of security gate, Sydney business owners need to consider the pros and cons of both swinging and sliding gates.  And to take out some of the hard work, we’ve listed out the positives and negatives of both styles:


Benefits of Sliding Gates

  • If space is limited or there is something blocking the area around your access point, sliding gates may well be your best option.
  • Because they slide along the fence-line, this style of gate takes up minimal space. It also allows vehicles and pedestrians to access the property safely and easily.
  • Sliding gates are ideal in situations where the access point is particularly wide. Because they run along a floor track rather than swinging freely, they don’t sag under their own weight. This may be the case with a swinging gate.
  • Is your access point on sloping ground?  If so, sliding gates are the obvious choice. They don’t have to be opened ‘toward’ the vehicles or pedestrians.

Limitations of Sliding Gates

  • Due to the number of moving parts, sliding gates tend to be noisier than swinging ones.  Although this may not be a problem in the situation of perimeter fencing, it may be a concern when considering internal gates or access points close to offices or sleeping quarters.
  • The installation of floor-tracks may not always be practical, and the floor-tracks will require regular maintenance to keep them free of debris.

Benefits of Swinging Gates

  • In some cases, swinging gates are considered the safer option. Fewer moving parts and less opportunity for little hands or fingers to be caught as they open means that this gate is often the preferred style for use at childcare facilities, parks and other public places.
  • Swinging gates can be opened either way, which allows easier access for pedestrians and vehicles approaching from either side.
  • Swinging gates are generally the more budget-friendly option. Fewer moving parts, less set-up required at the side of the fence and no floor-track makes them cheaper to install.

Limitations of Swinging Gates  

  • If they aren’t motorised, swinging gates are often heavier to open and close.
  • To operate a swinging gate, you need space.  If the access point is narrow or in a situation where there are several sets of gates in a small area, the swinging style may not be the best option.

It’s important to thoroughly analyize your needs and your available space before you purchase your security gates. The team at Australian Security Fencing can help you choose the best style of gates for your property and help you integrate them into your total security system.  Call us today on 1800 666 927 and talk to one of our staff.



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