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Australian Security Fencing: Learn More About Security Bollards

They mark boundaries; they protect assets; they direct traffic; they restrict access.  Simply put, a bollard is a short, strong pole that is designed to hinder vehicle access. It also protects buildings and high-security areas and helps prevent accidents. They’re a common sight in malls, public car-parks, around roadworks and outside government buildings and banks.  Bollards have become a part of modern landscape and architecture, and are available a range of colors, sizes, and styles.  Whether you need them as a temporary measure or a permanent fixture, there’s a bollard to suit your needs. When security is at stake, you simply can’t compromise on quality.  And that’s why at Australian Security Fencing, we pride ourselves in supplying only the best: Australian-made products that are designed to last.

To help you determine what type of bollard will be best for your security system, let’s take a closer look at some of the different styles and their uses:

Embedded Security Bollards

When ‘No Entry’ really means NO ENTRY, embedded security bollards are the way to go.  These carbon and stainless steel bollards are installed below ground level and provide solid and long-term protection against hostile vehicle activity.  They’re used extensively to defend high-security facilities and government buildings against ram-raiding tactics.

Embedded security bollards are also a common sight outside public buildings or in parking lots. In these situations, the bollards protect property and assets from unintentional damage and provide safe walking areas for pedestrians.  They can be used to boost the street appeal of a premises as well as providing maximum protection.

Surface Mounted Bollards

Taking a small step down the ladder in terms of security, surface mounted bollards are perfect for situations where assets, property and vehicles require a substantial level of safety.  They are not designed to withstand ram-raiding tactics but provide considerable protection for long-term needs. Because they are attached to a base plate, this style of bollard can be installed in almost any position where access requirements will not vary.  They are ideal for guiding traffic, preventing damage to buildings and ensuring safe pedestrian walkways.

Retractable Bollards

There are many situations where both security and regular vehicular access are important. Retractable bollards – either automatic or manual – provide a physical barrier to the general public but can be retracted to allow access to authorized personnel and vehicles.  This type of bollard is commonly used to protect government facilities, military and defense bases, commercial building entrances and public parking lots.

External Locking Security Bollards

When short-term perimeter control is needed, external locking bollards are the answer.  Public events and roadworks are two examples of situations where this style of bollard is ideal: they provide a strong but temporary barrier to guide traffic and pedestrians and are easily removed once the need has passed.

The team at Australian Security Fencing is serious about protecting you and your assets from harm.  For more information about our range of bollards, call us on 1800 666 927 and talk to our staff.


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