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Secure Bicycle Cages Are A Game Changes For Commuters!

Hundreds of commuters across Australia face the daily challenge of traffic congestion on their way to work. Whether they’re traveling on hot, stuffy trains or buses, sitting for long periods of time in their cars at the stoplights or weaving in and out of the mad traffic frenzy, a good proportion of today’s city workers arrive at their desks feeling frustrated and exhausted before the day really begins!  If only there was some way to beat the daily traffic congestion on the way to work and enjoy some physical exercise at the same time…

The answer lies in secure bicycle cages: a genuine game changer for commuters across the country!  At last, with somewhere safe and protected to store their bikes, many Australians are opting to don their helmets and cycle to work.

Trusted Design

Designed using both Corromesh and Securemax 358, bicycle cages developed by BikeStorage have proven to be both tough and reliable.  The use of anti-climb, anti-penetration mesh offers both maximum security and full visibility to users. Allowing commuters to enjoy the peace of mind that their property is safe.  Easy to use, modern and aesthetically appealing, they are perfect for use at public transport stations, workplaces, schooling institutions, retail centers and apartment blocks.

So, what are some of the other benefits this game changer?

Physical Exercise

How many people have ‘more ‘physical exercise’ at the top of their goals list?!  Riding a bike to work is a great way to achieve daily physical activity and increase personal fitness without really having to think about it!

Mental Stimulation

Regular riding is known to help alleviate stress, anxiety and depression, enhance cognitive function and improve nightly sleep patterns.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmental awareness is an increasing concern in many of Australia’s communities.  With the growing number of cars in cities and suburban areas, anything that cuts down the amount of congestion and vehicle emissions has to be a step in the right direction when it comes to caring for our planet.

Cost Effective

Fuel is expensive.  A no-brainer of a statement, but let’s face it: it’s one of the big items on most household budgets.  Cycling not only helps to reduce the monthly fuel bill, but with all that added exercise, you might also save yourself a pretty penny on gym fees too!

Time Efficient

Hours wasted at congested intersections, temporary roadblocks or simply crawling through peak-hour traffic is ‘dead’ time.  Cycling allows you to weave your way through stationary traffic, use empty bicycle lanes and generally avoid the snarl-ups that might otherwise make you late for work (or late home at night!)

Secure bicycle cages are helping to bring about positive change the lives of commuters in every community.  And the team at Australian Security Fencing is proud to be an integral part of this change.  For more information, call us today on 1800 666 927 and talk to one of our staff.


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