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Our Project Partner: Decmil Australia for the Australian Government

In 2014, the Manus Regional Processing Centre was re-opened by the Australian Government. Australian Security Fencing Pty Ltd was requested, by Decmil Australia, to provide a proposal for a high security perimeter fencing system.

The fence system had to provide finger-proof and anti-climb characteristics and needed to resist attempts to dislodge components, whilst being structurally sound and able to withstand force that may be applied by the clients being housed within the facility. The fence system was also to have an anti-climb topping that did not pose harm to clients, yet reduced the ability to scale over the fence.

Being in a location close to the equator with high wind speeds a potential issue, significant footings were to be utilized in the installation of the fence support posts. All fence fixings were required to be of a security nature and not be able to be removed without specialist tools.

An important factor in the supply of this project was lead time. The site needed to be up and running within a few months. Ease of installation was also a major factor as being in a remote location limited plant and machinery were available to complete the works.

Australian Security Fencing P/L won the tender to supply 1300 metres of 3.6 metre high cranked perimeter fencing as well as 1300 metres of 3.6 metre high straight internal fencing.

Included in these works were 14 vehicle access gates and 60 pedestrian gates. Due to a lack of construction knowledge on the Island, ASF provided a Site Supervisor who made several trips to Papua New Guinea to assist in the construction of the large fencing project.

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