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Why Do Parks And Waterways Require Security Fencing?

There are some areas in our communities that just aren’t safe for people, especially children, to enter. And parks and waterways are two of the most obvious examples.  We all know that young minds want to explore – we were all children once and the fascination of nature itself draws us to wander, climb and find out for ourselves…

Why? Simple. Safety first!

Fencing for parks and waterways isn’t a ‘maybe’, it’s a ‘must’.  Responsible landowners, be it public land or private, realize that there’s no option.  In the interest of personal and public safety, such situations require top quality security fencing.

Let’s take the given example of public parks.  They’re important in our society, and the most vulnerable visitors to these areas are the elderly and infant of our community – and safety comes first! In this scenario, it’s important that the fence compliments the landscaping, as well as providing an adequate barrier to prevent children straying into areas that are dangerous.

How does a boundary fence minimize danger?

Boundary fences for public parks must be secure enough to not only stop little feet from wandering off but also to protect users from threats from the outside.  Animals such as stray dogs need to be kept out.  Correct security fencing will deter unwanted intruders and minimize the danger of external threats.


Aren’t they ugly?

Not at all! The designers at Australian Security Fencing are adroit at creating fences that integrate beautifully into the landscape design of any given area.  Not only that, but we have the skill and expertise to create masterpieces. These can become key design elements, as well as successful barriers!  Products such as Corromesh have been used in situations all over the country. Providing safe yet modern fencing in public places.

What about a private property?

As mentioned before, waterways can pose real dangers to the public.  Again, fencing isn’t in question – it’s a must.  Whether on a public or private property, it’s important that waterways are correctly managed with high-security fencing, so that danger is minimized.  As a landowner, it’s the only responsible thing to do – after all, if an accident occurs on your property, who’s going to be held responsible…?

Security fencing doesn’t mean that the waterway has to look like it’s being held in jail – there are plenty of aesthetically pleasing options such as Corromesh, for creating high-security barriers for waterways in public places!  Fencing can be designed to blend with the landscaping and complement nature’s beauty.

In the instance of town water storage such as dams or lakes, security fencing becomes even more important.  Not only is it necessary to protect the public from danger, but it is necessary to keep intruders out in order to maintain water purity and protect equipment and property.

The team at Australian Security Fencing understands the need for fencing in parks and waterways. And we’re here to help make our communities safer places.  Call us today on 1800 666 927 and speak with one of our friendly staff about your fencing needs.

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