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The Difference Between Flat Loop And Concertina Razar Tape®?

It looks nasty.  And believe us, it is… and for a good reason, too.  Razar Tape® isn’t just there for good looks – it is a serious security measure for serious situations.  A step up on the old barbed wire, this product has been designed by experts, and it really works.
Razar Tape® comprises a top quality steel spring core wire armed with treacherously sharp galvanized steel blades, which are especially designed to make penetration a very difficult and painful experience.  The product can be purchased in 3 ‘sizes’, short, medium or long barb, depending on the level of security required.  There’s no doubt about it: the blades/barbs aren’t something you’d want to mess around with!  Designed to catch on clothing and make handhold nearly impossible, Razar Tape® is capable of inflicting serious harm if ignored.
Extremely effective, relatively inexpensive and proven to work.  Razar Tape® can be incorporated into a complete perimeter control system or used on its own as a very effective anti-penetration measure.
This product comes in two different profiles: flat loop and concertina.  So, what’s the difference?

Flat Loop Razar Tape®

As the name suggests, the Razar Tape® flat loop system is made up of a series of individual circles or loops of barbed tape that are ready to install on top of any existing fencing structure.  For maximum security, loops are overlapped, making penetration nearly impossible.  Flat loop is the perfect solution in situations where there is no room for any overhang on either side of the fence.

Concertina Razar Tape

As opposed to individual loops, Concertina Razar Tape® is made up of one continuous circular coil of barbed tape.  This product can also be retro-fitted to an existing fencing structure, however, it requires room for overhang either side of the fence.  It’s no secret: this product is one that’s extremely hard to penetrate due to its physical shape.  Concertina tape is a self-supporting structure, with adjacent loops clipped together at regular intervals for extra strength.

Places where you’ll find Razar Tape

Razar Tape® is no play toy.  It’s a high security measure that lends itself perfectly to any scenario where perimeter control is essential, e.g.:

  • Correctional facilities
  • Detention sites
  • Military sites
  • Government facilities
  • Jails and Juvenile Justice centers
  • Private and industrial properties

The team at Australian Security Fencing is serious about protecting you and your interests.  Our range of products has been tried, tested and proven to work, time after time.  And, with over 25 years of experience, we’ve got the skills, the knowledge, and the products to make security work for you.  Call us today on 1800 666 927 and discuss your security needs with one of our staff.


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