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Innovative Technologies And Sophisticated Designs

If there’s one area of our business that needs to be right up there on the cutting edge of technology, it’s security.  Because let’s face it: the world at large isn’t getting any safer, so we need to protect ourselves and our businesses.
As technology evolves, the strategies of criminals develop too.  But so do security measures. In 2018, the basic padlock and key is no longer a satisfactory security measure for most businesses. Nowadays, we need to be able to monitor our businesses 24/7, from anywhere. And thankfully, due to modern innovative technology, this is quite achievable.  In fact, the power and accuracy of today’s security measures are staggering…

Commercial Security Fences

So, where better to start than by looking at the fence itself?  Commercial security fences remain as important as ever.  Actually, they’re more important now than they ever have been. The fence poses the first barrier, both physical and mental, for any would-be intruder.  Its mere presence is enough to prevent undesirables from wandering onto the property, and, depending on the type of fence, it may present some veritable challenges if somebody is determined to enter!

At Australian Security Fencing, our commercial security fences range from standard chain link through to custom-made steel and mesh fencing.  And everything in between.  In addition to the actual fence structure, we supply and install a wide range of very effective anti grab spikes, these are called Croc Top security spikes. They are specifically designed to deter climbers.  For the die-hard burglar, these toppers make scaling the fence a very difficult and nasty experience.

Additional Security Measures

For many commercial businesses, security goes far beyond the fence.  In fact, the fence structure itself is merely a good start.
State-of-the-art technology now allows businesses to monitor who is coming and going at all times, via a range of sophisticated personnel recognition systems.  Coded keypads, cards, and biometric recognition systems make it difficult for authorized people to enter high-security areas, while other security measures such as Sabra Fence® Detection System have specialized sensors with the ability to differentiate between genuine intrusion and false alarm!

Control access points with gates and turnstiles

Commercial security fences can be fitted with automated gates to restrict and monitor access to any area.  The ability to control access points remotely means that authorized staff or business managers can have total control of who is entering or exiting the property at any time.

At Australian Security Fencing, we’ve got what it takes to keep you and your business safe.  Let’s put it out there: we’ve been designing and installing security fencing for over 25 years now, so we’ve got a wealth of knowledge, skills and practical know-how that only comes with experience!  Call us today on 1800 666 927 and discuss your security needs with one of our friendly staff.  Your safety is our priority.






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