The 3 Best Types Of Security Fencing For Industrial Estates

This is more than just a single business premises; it’s the ‘big brother’ of the business park…  An industrial estate is a designated area that is especially zoned for the purpose of industrial development.  On the darker side, an area like this is going to be a prime target for theft and vandalism – high amounts of stock on the floor and valuable assets provide an irresistible magnet for undesirable characters…


An industrial estate can be the source of hundred’s of individual incomes.  And that’s why top-notch security is such a must.  In an age where the newspapers are full of nasty break-in reports and every second person seems to have had first-hand experience of violence or theft, it’s becoming increasingly important to protect yourself and your interests.
So, what products are best for an industrial security fence?  Ideally, we want something that’s hard to penetrate, hard to climb and has some sort of alarm system to alert management of any attempt to intrude.  Yet, in some areas, local councils require fencing to blend into the surrounding landscape with minimal visual impact.

Securemax® 338/358 Fencing

This product ticks all the boxes when it comes to anti-penetration and anti-climb properties. Australian made from top-quality mesh and steel frame, it provides a veritable barrier that has been especially designed to be finger proof and nearly impossible to cut.  Tamper-proof fixings make this product extremely difficult to remove, and a zinc aluminium coating protects the integrity of the structure and guarantees longevity by ensuring that it won’t weaken due to climatic conditions.

Securemax® industrial security fence has a virtually see-through appearance, which makes it the perfect option in situations where minimal visual impact is required.  Additionally, it can be coated with a range of

colored powder-coated finishes to help it blend into the landscape.

Razar Tape®

Sometimes the fence just needs that extra measure – Razar Tape®.  This product certainly provides a daunting physical and visual barrier to any potential intruders – it’s not something to be messed around with.  Comprising a top quality steel spring core wire and sharp blades attached at regular intervals, this provides one formidable barricade to trespassers.

Sabra Fence®

This product takes perimeter security up another level.  In fact, this new and innovative system is right up there on the cutting edge of technology.  It comprises a system of fully encapsulated,  highly sensitive transducers which record and transmit data to a central hub, where it can be monitored by a skilled management team.  This highly sophisticated system can even differentiate between a false alarm and genuine intrusion – a real leap forward in the security world!

The team at Australian Security Fencing know what it takes to secure industrial estates.  We understand how much is at stake and we really care about protecting you and your business premises.  There’s no time to loose – call us today on 1800 666 927 and let’s get your security underway.