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Discourage Intruders By Upping Your Security Systems

Thieves – You mightn’t be able to stop them trying, but you can certainly cut their chances of success! Whether it’s at home or workplace, it’s your responsibility to protect your property and install security measures to deter and prevent intruders from entering your property.

Most of us think of burglary as something that happens in those dark, solitary hours between midnight and 4am: truth be known, a lot of break-ins occur in broad daylight when you’re busy and distracted. And that’s why security is so important.  Practically, you can’t be monitoring your property 24/7 and earning a living too, so what you need is a system (or systems) that you can rely on to do the job for you!

First stop, the fence.  It kind of goes without saying that a good security fence is the first and most obvious way to deter undesirables from entering your place.  The mere presence of this physical barrier presents challenge #1.  Practically, if there’s a fence securing a property, an intruder has to be able to get past it in one of four ways: over, under, around or through. This works particularly well for commercial properties and businesses. Believe it or not but a would-be thief is less likely to pray on a building that has a strong fence and even more so if it has monitored access points.

So, if your fence is right, you may well stump them right there!

Here are 3 simple ways you can UP your security to deter intruders.


Across the country, in many and varied applications, modern anti-climb mesh is proving to be invaluable in preventing invasion.  SECUREMAX358® is a unique, government endorsed, super strong and super effective product which has been used in prisons, airport security, government institutions and numerous other commercial applications, with excellent results.  It’s finger-proof mesh format means that there it’s almost impossible to scale, making this anti-climb mesh the perfect product for high-security situations.

SECUREMAX 358® is also notoriously difficult to penetrate using regular hand tools, making it ideal for situations where it is important to keep people or stock from escaping from a given zone.

Fence Toppers

In the event of a die-hard intruder or escapee reaching the top of a fence, it’s possible to stop them with a fence topper.  And in this scenario, Razar Tape® is a dependable option.  And it’s popular for one very good reason: it really works.  In fact, the addition of this formidable anti-penetration barrier is enough to discourage anyone who values their own skin!

Available in several different profiles, Razar Tape® comprises a strong metal coil and dangerously sharp barbs which are designed to make penetration a very painful, if not impossible task.  When used in conjunction with anti-climb mesh, it does indeed present an intimidating barrier.

Entry/Exit Control

By securing and monitoring your entry points, you can control who comes and goes from your property all day, every day.  Coded entry keypads, cards, voice recognition and biometric verification systems are all becoming popular ways to restrict and record entry and exit of staff and other personnel.

The team at Australian Security know how to improve your security and reduce the threat of invasion on your property.  Call us today on 1800 666 927 and talk to one of our friendly staff.  We’re here to protect you and your property and assist in creating safer communities.



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