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Razor Tape, The Ultimate In Keeping Unwanted Visitors Out!

Crime remains a primary concern for most business owners.   The victims of theft and vandalism usually incur considerable costs and delays to the financial detriment of their business.  In todays environment, it is absolutely essential to use a high quality security system to protect your business and ensure you are not a target.
Depending what side of the fence you’re on, razor wire security fencing is designed to keep people in or out of high security areas like prisons, airports and power plants.  Razor wire is frightening to the perimeter intruder and its aggressive profile makes touching and climbing it virtually impossible.  The fact that the intruder wouldn’t be able to exit quickly also acts as a deterrent.  Razor wire is available is available in the following configurations:

Flat Loop Wire

Flat loop razor wire is made up of individual loops of barbed tape and has been designed to replace standard barbed wire.  It is ideal when extra security needs to be added to the top of an existing fence or gate.  Flat loop wire can be attached in overlapping loops to pre strung barbed wire and is useful where fence space and depth is limited.  Flat loop razor wire substantially improves the effectiveness of any security fence and can be affixed to a brick wall directly, giving it immediate anti climb properties.


Concertina Wire

Concertina Razar Tape features continuous circular coils of various diameters.  Due to its invincible reputation, this wire has steadily gained popularity since its invention.  Once limited to military installations, you will now find it protecting industrial units, warehouses and manufacturing plants as it minimizes the rate of encroachment and subsequent vandalism and theft.  This wire is made in such a way that it can’t be cut through.


The structure and light weight of Concertina razor wire allows it to be transported, extended, modified and re-erected with minimal effort and cost.  Its design means that even if it’s damaged it still retains its protective properties.


Barbless Razar Tape

Barlbess Razar Tape is a unique security fencing system that provides an anti-climb barrier without the risk of personal injury from sharp barbs or spikes.  The anti-climb coil offers increased strength and is much more difficult to cut through than any other type of fencing available on the market.  It has a smooth appearance and is completely safe to the public without compromising its security features.


Barbless Razar Tape Monitoring System
The Razar Tape Monitoring System is a security monitor that uses low voltage electric shocks to prevent intruders from crossing a perimeter.  The voltage of the shock is painful but not lethal.  The fence is able to be zoned off into sections and monitored individually if required.  The system will send an alert if any section of the fence is moved or compromised. Check out our full range of Razar Tape by clicking here.


If you’re ready to protect your assets with the highest standard of razor wire security fencing available, call Australian Security Fencing on 02 4577 9633!


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