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Securemax, The Heavy-Duty Fence To Keep Everything Out

In the world of commercial fencing there is a wide range of options when it comes to the types you can choose from. While many people simply want attractive, functional fencing to enclose an area, others may want the fence to provide a sufficiently stable barrier that will prevent any individuals from entering said area. These heavier types are known as security fences, and one of the most effective, hardy, and reliable of all security fences is the Securemax. This fence is specially designed to be one of the most impenetrable, unclimbable, and all around hard working security fences on the market. To view our Securemax Fence click here.

Let’s take a look at some of its features.


With a close-knit wire mesh build the holes in the Securemax fence are far too small to be gripped. This means that would be intruders will be unable to get a handhold, and therefore unable to climb over. There is also the option of adding barbed wire, razor wire, or even electrical fencing to the top of the Securemax in order to make it all the more insurmountable. This feature makes the Securemax ideal for applications such as anti-climb fencing for bridges and walkways.



Made from the most robust of materials, the Securemax fence will withstand even the most ruthless attempts to break through. Whether it be power tools or vehicles the Securemax fence is designed to be some of the most impenetrable of any commercial fencing. For extremely high security areas there is the option of building the fence extra heavy duty for even more durability and structural integrity. These properties make Securemax a fantastic option for enclosing machinery, electric boxes, or any high security areas.



The Securemax fence is built to be nearly see through to blend in with the surrounding environment. Despite its toughness it does not present an eyesore, and can be placed seamlessly within any context. The fence can be curved, or similarly augmented, so as to make it a part of the overall atmosphere of any location. Due to its aesthetic flexibility the Securemax will not look out of place whether it forms the foreground of a field, park, building, or otherwise.

As we can see, the Securemax is one of the most secure of any available commercial fencing, all without having to sacrifice look and style. Obviously, the type of fencing you choose, for security purposes or otherwise, should be in response to your needs, and it is always a good idea to speak to an expert before making any decisions. That said, if you are need of a high security fence, whether it be for a bridge, walkway, airport, restricted area, or any kind of security, the Securemax provides an incredibly efficient means to keep any unwanted intruders out!


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