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Choosing The Right Material For Your Security Fencing

The purpose and design of fencing has undergone major changes since the very first fence was constructed by the Greeks to bolster defenses during the Peloponnesian War between Sparta and Athens in 431 BC.  Not only have the benefits of fences improved but the materials have also evolved from Masonite, stone, wooden rails into the modern materials that are commonly used.

Steel Fencing

Known for being durable and strong, steel fencing is one of the most prevalent fencing materials used today.  Steel used for fencing is often coated with a layer of zinc and galvanized, which means the fence will last for decades.  It’s not prone to corrosion and rust and therefore is incredibly cost effective to maintain.
A skilled metal fabricator can fashion a steel fence into any type of design you can imagine, so steel fences tend to be some of the most attractive looking fences on the market.  This means it is perfect for those wanted to increase their security without losing the aesthetic look of their property.


Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is extremely affordable, economical and quick to install.  The open weave pattern of the chain linking allows people either side of the fence to see through it.  It’s highly adaptable and requires little to no maintenance.  Its unbendable structure means that it’s less likely to get damaged or suffer wear and tear.

Another appealing feature of chain link fencing is how safe it is as opposed to razor wire or electric fences.  Chain link fences are ideal for animals, children and the general public.  Furthermore, it can help business owners to reduce their commercial liability due to the extremely low risk of injury associated with chain link fencing.


Razor Wire

Razor wire is a multi-purpose, highly visible and high security fencing.  Razor wire will inflict serious cuts and injury to anyone trying to trespass it, therefore providing complete security to the desired area.  Razor wire is extremely lightweight and doesn’t put strain on any existing fence that it is added to.

Because of its light weight and mobility, razor wire is extremely easy to transport and install or reinstall.  It’s commonly used as portable fencing where rioting crowds are needed to be contained, or fixed fencing in high security areas.  It can be easily installed atop existing fencing, enhancing its security capability.


Electric Fences

Electric fences are suitable for containing all types of animals and areas with a large perimeter where constant security monitoring is not possible.  These types of fences are able to be piggybacked onto a control unit to provide feedback if an attempted breach occurs with enhanced reporting allow the user to know if the breach was a cut, short, tamper or cross coupling.

Hire A Contractor

The best way to decide which type of fence is most suitable for your needs is to talk to a professional contractor.  Call the best in the business, Australian Security Fencing on 02 4577 9633 or check out our website for more information.

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