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Choosing a fence framework – How to make the best decision

Let’s get back to basics.  An excellent fence has to start with an excellent structure.  It’s that simple.

Your fence is your first defence against intruders.  It’s your primary method of controlling who’s coming and going from your property, a way of declaring to the public where your land stops and starts, and maybe a way of limiting access to dangerous areas.  So it makes sense that this structure needs to be well built, strong and robust.

The first step in choosing the right fence framework for your needs is to identify exactly what you want your fence to achieve.

Traditionally, fencing framework was made of timber.  And that still has its uses, especially in the domestic and rural setting.  However, timber is a natural material and over time, especially when exposed to the weather, it may perish.  The uprights in your fencing structure may rot through or break under stress – it only takes one weak pole to compromise the strength of the whole structure.

When it comes to security, you simply can’t go past steel.  It’s strong, weather-resistant and comes in all shapes and forms.

Are you trying to prevent people from entering or exiting your property?  Steel fencing can be made to any height, without compromising the strength of the structure.  It’s durability when it comes to gates or turnstiles is second to none – it can withstand an incredible amount of wear and tear without showing anything for it.

Not everybody wants a silver framework for their fence, and that’s another advantage of steel – it can be powder-coated to blend into your colour scheme.  In fact, you can turn your fence into a really eye-catching icon for your business.

“A steel fence around my house….that’ll look like a prison” I hear you say….  Let me assure you, this doesn’t have to be the case. Steel fencing can be attractive and add real aesthetic appeal to your home, while giving you that peace of mind that your place is secure and safe for you and your family.  It is sturdy enough to keep intruders out, keep children and pets in and you don’t have to worry about painting it every so often like you did with that old wooden one!

The strength and durability of any structure comes back to the bones of it.  And that’s why, at Australian Security Fencing, we’ve got it sorted.  With security as our focus, we build and install fences with a strong and robust framework that’ll stand the test of time and use.  Our team of consultants is ready to discuss your fencing framework right now, so call us on 02 4577 9633 and let’s get your project started today.


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