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Recent Security Projects

Here’s a sneak peak of what we’ve been up to.

For over two decades, Australian Security Fencing has been constructing and installing quality fencing all over the country. With projects ranging from domestic through to high-security prison fencing, our team has completed major projects both in Australia and offshore.

The purpose of a fence is both to keep in and to keep out.  Be it people, traffic or livestock, a fence is a boundary which is there to deter intruders or prevent escapees.

Our team has supplied and installed several projects for government institutions where security is of greatest importance:

Perth Prison:

8km of high-security fencing supplied and installed at Wooroloo and Karnet prisons.  Fencing was built of top quality materials to make penetration very difficult, and in a design that is basically impossible to climb over.

The purpose of the fence is to provide a safer environment for the public, the staff at the centre and the inmates.

The fencing and gate structure is integrated into a complex and comprehensive security system which will maximise safety for those within and the general public.

Manus Offshore Processing Centre (Papua New Guinea):

1300m of high-security fencing, with anti-climb characteristics and a further 1300m of internal fencing.  The structure used is extremely strong, so as to withstand the natural force of high winds on the island, and also any physical force applied by the inmates.  The system incorporates 14 vehicle access gates and an additional 60 pedestrian gates!

Those scenarios deal with the situation where it’s necessary to keep people in.  However, just as important are cases where it’s necessary to keep people out.  For example:

Wickham Transport Interchange (Newcastle):

In the interest of public safety, 1690m of high-quality security fencing was installed to provide a barrier between the public and the fast-moving trains.  Anti-climb characteristics act as a barrier to would-be vandals and any unauthorised personnel.

Electricity Sub Stations:

Throughout NSW, Australian Security Fencing has supplied and installed security fencing for 350 sub-stations.  Fencing is designed to be difficult to climb or penetrate, with the main purpose being to prevent vandalism and disruption of the stations.  With weather conditions ranging from coastal winds to inland heat, the construction is designed to endure all climates and also blend as well into the surrounding landscape.

Bike cages:

Designed to keep up with the growing popularity of bicycle riding, these cages provide a secure and modern storage solution. Enclosed mesh construction makes them penetration resistant while still looking attractive.

With over 25 years of experience, the team at Australian Security Fencing has a wealth of know-how and skills to meet the challenges presented by any situation.  Our staff are dedicated to providing quality service, quality product and a quality experience for you as the customer.

Contact us today on 02 4577 9633 and discuss your needs with one of our friendly sales team.

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