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Preventing Nighttime Visitors In Your Commercial Property

A break-in can happen any time.  Day or night.  And although statistics tell us that burglaries are more common across the middle of the day, there’s something sinister about those hours of darkness that makes us very aware of the need of night-time security.

Without being a panic merchant, the fear of having your premises broken into at night is quite legitimate.  And something you need to protect yourself against. The papers and internet are seething with creepy accounts of armed robberies and ‘every man and his dog’ has a bone-chilling story of something that happened to them or their friend…


So, where to start?


Let’s get back to basics and start where the trouble is likely to enter – at the property boundary.


1. Defense at the fence!

If you don’t want night time visitors, you must stop them getting onto the property.  And this means excellent perimeter security.  Securemax 358 is an excellent choice for commercial fencing: Australian made, tough, reliable and proven.  It’s unique anti-climb, anti-penetration profile makes it basically impossible to scale or cut, and tamper-proof fixings mean that panels can’t be easily removed using regular hand tools.  Because it is a mesh product, Securemax  358 has minimal visual impact and provides top-notch protection without making your property look like a fortress!


2. Fence toppers

Unfortunately, there are some situations that require an added measure to ensure that intruders or escapees stay put.  Not a nice thought, but that’s the fact.  And that’s where fence toppers come into play.  Razar Tape is an excellent security barrier that makes climbing over the fence a very unpleasant experience!  Comprised of strong metal cable and armed with hideously sharp barbs, it presents a nasty challenge for even the most die-hard intruder or escapee.


3. Sabra Fence

Now we’re really taking your perimeter security up another notch!  Sabra fence has been designed using state-of-the-art technology and first-hand experience: the result is a super sophisticated detection system that can differentiate between genuine intrusion and false alarm. Sabra Fence is an excellent choice for:

  • industrial estates
  • warehouse/storage facilities
  • prisons and correctional facilities
  • government institutions
  • vehicle storage
  • airports
  • army/navy bases

4. Access Control

Your premises may be one that has authorized personnel coming and going throughout the night. But you need that peace of mind that it’s only authorized people that are entering your property… Access control is essential for monitoring who comes and goes at any time, through any area of your workplace.  Card entry, coded keypads, and biometric recognition systems are becoming more common in many Australian workplaces and providing business owners with that peace of mind that only comes with good security.

At Australian Security Fencing, we understand what it takes to keep your business safe 24/7. And we’re concerned about your safety.  Call us today on 1800 666 927 and talk to one of our team about your security needs.


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