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Things To Consider When Designing Your Security Fence

An excellent security fence is more than just a polite ‘we’d rather you stay out’ message.  It’s a serious protection measure.  Tough, reliable, made to last, and designed to protect people and assets on both sides of the fence.  As they say, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’: your job is to stop that ‘way’!

When you are designing your security fence, there’s certainly a lot to think about.  What do you want to achieve from the fence?  Who/what needs to be protected?  Which side of the fence is your threat – on the outside or from within?   Are there council requirements or specifications in your area that you must comply with?

The list of questions seems endless, and rather confusing.  So, to make your security fencing job a bit easier, we’ve jotted down a few points to consider:

Anti-penetration/Anti-climb Mesh

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.  And if you want to keep intruders out, your fence needs to be tough.  Securemax 358 is a superior security fencing product which has been designed to make scaling the fence a virtually impossible job.  It’s unique anti-climb, anti-penetration profile leaves no chance for foot or hand grip, and its tamper-proof fixings make it extremely difficult and slow to cut through or remove panels using regular tools.

Clear Visibility

Intruders or escapees (depending on your scenario) don’t like to be seen.  Now, that’s stating the obvious I know, but it highlights the need for a fence that doesn’t provide protection or cover for no-gooders!  Securemax 358 is made from open anti-climb mesh, which allows for clear visibility.

When installing your fence, you need to ensure that the area along the boundary line is free from shrubs or bushes that will provide shadows and shelter for intruders/escapees.  Trees with overhanging branches are likely to be used by resourceful crooks as an easy access route too!


If the fence and surrounding area are well lit, it’s not a particularly inviting target for burglars. Security lighting is a key element of your perimeter security systems.

Fence Toppers

Bumping it up another level, let’s look at fence toppers.  Razar Tape certainly adds a whole new perspective to your security fence and presents a formidable challenge to any intruder/escapee. In fact, even the die-hard crooks recoil at this one!  Strong metal cable armed with razor-sharp barbs make climbing over the fence a nasty and painful experience.

Access Control

A strong fence is essential, but to get the most out of your fence, you must have controlled access too.  Controlled entry points are essential for recording and tracking who comes and goes from your property 24/7

For expert advice and products, Australian Security Fencing has you covered. More than 25 years in the industry has given us the skill, the know-how, and the practical experience to ensure that your security needs are taken care of.  Call us today on 1800 666 927 and chat to one of our team.


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