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Security Fencing For Your Property

Every property, irrespective of whether it is a business premise, park, industry, home or a collection facility needs to be secured. Security fencing is therefore a basic necessity for property owners since it does not only provide security but beauty too. A property that has quality security fencing looks very aesthetic. However, in order to enjoy the two mentioned benefits, you have to choose the type that best suits your personal needs. Security fencing is available in different types and each type is unique in its special way. Discussed below are the most popular types of security fencing in Australia today.

Mesh Security Fencing

Mesh Fencing installation has several advantages. One of the advantages is that it is highly cost effective, has low maintenance requirements and offers high levels of security. The installation is easily done and a well laid out fence with well defined property boundary is the final result.

Mesh Fencing has been time-tested and found to be highly effective in offering security against intrusion or theft. Contemporary designs such as Corromesh® 358 offer well defined appearance to your property. Mesh fencing is appropriate as bridges, factory machines guards, walkway security, waterway and park fencing, gates and electrical sub-station fencing applications.

Metal Security Fencing

Metal fencing is highly preferred for its durability. The fences are hassle-free and long lasting. This is because metal as a fence material does not get attacks from damaging insects like termites. Insects attack materials such as wood making wood fencing very costly because of high maintenance costs, work and short lifetime.

Metal fences are usually used together with metal gates for complete security around your property.

Electric Security Fencing

Electric security fencing involves use of electric fence systems from reliable companies such Forcefield®. This type of fencing is highly effective and efficient in providing security for commercial and domestic property. It features Multi zone intelligent controllers, full live wire fencing system, dual levels of detection, full back-up protection, high low voltage monitoring. All these electric fencing features can be programmed by use of LCD keypad.

The electric fence system has special capabilities which include: full live wire fences, LCD keypads, fence zoning, purpose built design, smart battery back up, selectable zone control, pulse synchronisation, digital voltage display,

There are several types of fences available as mentioned above but you can also order for customised security fencing. This means that a unique fence can be made according to your property specifications. There are some security fencing types that are more appropriate for residential applications and there are others which are best suited for industrial or commercial applications. As an Australian, you therefore have the choice to order for a customised fencing with your preferred colour, shape, design and size. This improves the visual appearance of your property. It also improves its resale value in case you decide to sell it in future.

Security Fencing is therefore the best way to keep your property secure. At Australian Security Fencing all the designs we have are cost-effective, reliable and require low level of maintenance.

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