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High Security Fencing Suppliers

High Security Fencing Suppliers

When it comes to protecting the public from areas such as railways or keeping a prison inescapable, high security fencing is usually the first line of defence. Whether it’s the zoo, a factory, a treatment facility or an electrical sub-station, high security fencing has become a necessary part in keeping people safe.

In order to keep up with standards of excellence and ensure that they are adhering to both local and international regulations, both the technology used and the manufacturing process that is conducted to make the fences, have to be kept innovative. Listed below are the ways in which high security fencing suppliers provide the best quality and services possible.

Manufacturing and Design

The key to manufacturing good quality material is to consistently upgrade and innovate the manufacturing process. Suppliers can make the process more efficient and churn out more product by investing capital into better tools. Hiring expert manufacturers who are adept at handling high security fencing is how suppliers stay profitable.

Types of Fencing

High security fencing suppliers usually cater to many different public and private areas. Due to this, having a wide range of products is necessary. Since high security fencing needs to be more sturdy and stable compared to a regular residential fence, they are made with stronger alloys. Materials used for fencing have to be durable and withstand aging quickly. A good supplier will always give their clients warranties in order to protect them from extra costs that stem from needing repairs.

Most suppliers have the following types of fencing available in order to cater to their customers. Detection systems, mesh panels, prison fencing, razor wire, barbed wire, rail sliding gates, anti-climb systems, vertical bar railings, ‘enhanced level’ systems that are government approved, twin wire panel systems and fencing that meets playground specifications at schools and nurseries, mesh fencing and perimeter fencing.

Of course, the type of fencing chosen depends almost exclusively on the security needs of the client or company. By understanding their client’s day-to-day activities and location, high security fencing suppliers will be able to decide if, for example, a mesh or perimeter fencing job will be more appropriate.


High security fencing suppliers will usually provide names of reputable fencing installation services to their clients. These companies are usually highly experienced and have a long working relationship with the supplier, thus they will be familiar with the material and be able to make the installation process go quickly.

However, to the best of your ability – choose supplier who also installation. A company that offers everything from fabrication to manufacturing to warehousing to installation and distribution, show that they understand the whole process of high security fencing from start to finish and will thus, have all the knowledge necessary. This makes them a good choice for hire as they will be able to provide better quality service in the long-term.


High security fencing suppliers are able to effectively market their products through local and international distribution channels. By catering specifically to airport, school, prison, shipyard, factory and transportation needs, they will be able to consistently add to their consumer base.

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