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What Is Security Fencing?

What Is Security Fencing?

Like the name suggests, the simplest definition of what security fencing is, stating that it is fencing a piece of property to increase security. Security fencing is not the typical home fencing. It mostly involves industrial areas, schools and business premises that need to protect their property and their clients’ from invasion. When a business wants to protect its open areas, storage facilities or the parking lot for example, most business owners thing about installing chain fences.

While chain fencing sends out the message, private property, they are not really safe security fences. Even when they are equipped with razor wires, barbed wires and may be even an intrusion alarm system, they are still not an ideal security fencing material. In fact, security alarm systems that are attached to the chain fence may give a false sense of security because they can be triggered by anything from animals, the wind to road vibrations. When the alarm is actually triggered by an intruder, by the time authorities respond, the intruders have already left the premises.

As a business owner therefore, you need to ensure that the Australian security fencing that you choose or that is chosen for you is the best and the highest quality. It needs to guarantee that your property is safe and will be for a long time. How can you do this?

Hire experienced companies

Sure, even a company that is starting out could hire an experienced team of professionals to advise and install the security fencing. Such companies, however, are not big enough to have made their own name. They have not been in the industry long enough for that. Hiring an experienced company on the other hand assures you that they have done this type of fencing before for other businesses with the same interests as yours. The fact that they are still in business shows you that they did impress the clients they worked for.


Experience says a lot about companies and individuals. It says that they have worked with a lot of different materials and they know what works where and what does not. In the open areas in your business you do not just want security, you want to use a fencing material that will be aesthetically pleasing and that will make your business premises seem inviting to customers and deadly to invaders. A good security fencing company will provide you with a list of fences that can do this for you. The same kind of fencing cannot be used for areas in the same premises that require more security where a lot more precious possessions are stored.

You get value for your money

Whether you are starting out or make millions in a day, no business or property owner wants to spend a lot of their money on the same things often unless they help him make money too. Your security fence will not make money for you. Without the right security fencing, you could drain your business of money replacing stolen goods or repairing broken fences. A good company will do a great job that will last you years.

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