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How Important Is The Size Of The Mesh In Mesh Fencing?

When you need a security fence that’s tough, reliable and versatile, chain mesh fencing is one of the best options on the market.  We see it used every day in domestic and commercial applications. At parks and reserves, marking school boundaries, used for animal enclosures, around sporting fields and as a temporary fencing measure around roadworks and building renovation sites.

It’s known by a few different names – chain mesh, chain wire and chain link fencing. But it’s the same product: a woven wire mesh in a diamond pattern.

How do I measure the size of chain mesh?

Chain mesh fencing is constructed of tough galvanized steel wire which is woven to form a mesh. The size of the mesh is defined by the distance between the parallel sides of the ‘diamond’.  The gauge of the wire depends on the size of the mesh opening – the larger the mesh opening the thicker the wire.

A new chain mesh fence is an investment to last a lifetime.

To ensure that your fence lives up to your expectations and serves its purpose, it’s important to speak to your fencing specialist about the best size of the mesh opening for your fence.


Benefits of chain mesh fencing

Apart from its strength and reliability, chain mesh fencing has several other excellent security features..

  1. Visibility: the open profile of chain mesh allows for superior visibility, both from within and without.  In high-security zones such as correctional facilities and prisons, airports, military bases, schools and hospitals, the ability to be able to see through the fence is essential.  This unobstructed visibility gives security personnel the opportunity to detect and act on approaching threats before unauthorized entry or exit is attempted.
  2. Affordability: Chain mesh fencing is a great way to achieve excellent security, without breaking the bank!  It’s affordable and can easily be added to as your budget allows it.  If damages do occur, it’s easy to repair a certain section, without having to replace the entire structure.
  3. Ultimate Protection: Sometimes it’s not only about keeping unwanted intruders out. Sometimes security means keeping innocent people such as little children inside a given area. Chain mesh fencing is a popular security measure at many children’s facilities including schools, kindergartens, parks and leisure centres because it offers protection and visibility in one structure.

Can my chain mesh fence be part of a bigger system?

The simple answer is ‘yes!’.  Your chain mesh fencing structure can be used as the base or framework for a larger, more complex and more complete security system.  Installing extra security measures such as Razar Tape, Sabra Fence or Forcefield electronic detection system takes your chain mesh fence to a whole new level of security!

Your mesh fence may also be used as a mounting point for security cameras, light beams and other personnel detection systems.

Talk to the team at Australian Security Fencing today about installing a chain mesh fence around your property.  We pride ourselves in taking a ‘whole project’ approach – from initial consultation right through to installation and ongoing maintenance, we’ve got you covered.  Call us on 1800 666 927.

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