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Keeping Schools And Students Safe- How Security Fencing Helps

Protecting our children has never been more important. The harsh reality is that today’s generation is facing a world where security can’t be taken for granted, and as parents and guardians, their protection should be our #1 priority.  Today’s children are our country’s future.

Every child has the right to feel safe.  Outside of the home, schools, childcare centers and other learning facilities are responsible to provide safe and secure environments in which children can learn and develop to their fullest potential.  A sense of physical protection is essential for a child’s physiological well-being. Children rely on adults to protect them, care for them and provide for their physical and emotional needs.

Reasons for Security Fencing at Schools

Excellent security fencing at schools is the first step to providing a physically safe learning environment for our children. The fence provides boundaries and marks ‘no-go’ zones for little people. They also prevent balls and other equipment from going out onto roads and provides a structure to which a more comprehensive security system can be mounted.

Parent’s Peace of Mind

Nature dictates that parents are protective of their children. Knowing that they’re safe during school hours is very important to most parents. Indeed, for some parents, the physical safety measures in place at a school may well be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing which facility would be best for their child.


Vandalism is a genuine threat in many areas and one that costs the community purse dearly.  An excellent security fence provides a formidable barrier to unwanted intruders and helps to deter vandals.  Recent figures prove that in the ACT alone, incidences of vandalism at schools over the last 10 years have declined significantly due to the erection of security fencing.

Preventing vandalism is essential for several reasons.  Firstly, the financial impact on schools is horrific. And the funds which are needed for repairs should be going towards the student’s education. Secondly, children are very impressionable and it’s important that they don’t grow up considering vandalism as part of ‘everyday’ life. Today’s children are the future of tomorrow, and thoughtful, responsible and appropriate behaviour should be what they see as normal.


Student Protection

Protecting students also means monitoring when and how they leave school grounds.  An excellent security fence will prevent unauthorized exit and entry by means of scaling the fence. It can also be integrated with a complete access control system of gates, cameras and other security measures.

Research shows that students who feel secure and safe in their learning environment can focus better and are more likely to develop to their fullest potential.

The team at Australian Security Fencing believes that every child deserves to feel safe and secure at school.  That’s why we take pride in providing our learning institutions with excellent security fencing. Safety and education go hand in hand when it comes to providing a safe and secure community for our country’s future.



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