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A Step By Step Guide To Securing Your Business

We get it: you value your business like nothing else.  It represents all those long hours of hard yakka. Those short if not sleepless nights and those years of personal scrimping and saving to get ahead. But be warned, there are others who have your business in their sights too. And for very different reasons.  These people are no-gooders that would break in and vandalize your stock and buildings. Not too mention steal your assets and leave you with the fix-up costs!

It’s your business to secure your business.  And this means taking serious measures to protect yourself.  Although it might sound daunting, security isn’t really that difficult. Especially when you enlist the help of the professionals.

Let’s take security step by step, working from the outside in:

  1. Industrial Fence

Your property fence represents more than just a boundary marker. It’s your business’ first physical line of defence.  That’s why your fence needs to be strong, robust and super difficult to penetrate.

Securemax 338/358 Security Mesh Fencing provides ultimate security. It’s anti-climb and anti-penetration properties are top of the range. Used in scenarios such as prisons, airports and government departments where security is of all importance. Securemax is guaranteed to work every time.

Corromesh 358 Wire Mesh Fencing is the perfect industrial fence for situations when aesthetics is important.  Its open weave profile allows it to blend well into the landscape without compromising its strength, durability or anti-climb properties.

  1. Fence Toppers

If there’s a high chance that would-be intruders will try scaling your fence, a fence topper may be needed as an extra deterrent.  As its name suggests, Razar Tape isn’t something that you want to mess with. It comprises a strong steel cable armed with sharp metal blades that are designed to make intrusion a daunting process.

  1. Electronic Detection Systems

For extra levels of protection, electronic detection systems can be mounted to your industrial fence structure.  There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Security cameras, security lighting, light beams and alarm systems. Each business is unique and requires a tailor-made solution.

  1. Internal Security

Unfortunately, sometimes the biggest threats to business come from within.  And seeing as you can’t be there 24/7 to monitor everything, it’s important that you install internal security measures to protect yourself and your assets.  Security cameras and security gates are pretty standard measures. However, with the latest developments in technology businesses are now beginning to introduce electronic security systems. Biometric recognition systems and swipe-card or coded keypads help to keep track of who is going where and provide invaluable evidence in the event of trouble.

At Australian Security Fencing, we can help you through every step of securing your business premises.  Our systems are tried and proven to work. Your security is our top priority.  Call us today on 1800 666 927 and get your security project underway.


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