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What Do Fencing Contractors Charge?

Whether you are a home owner or you run a business, having secure fencing that is either a psychological deterrent or a physical barrier to protect valuables is essential in today’s world. The sad truth is that vandalism, petty theft and break-ins are on the rise in certain areas of our cities. Even our country towns are not immune to this problem.

Here at Australian Security Fencing, we believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and secure in their own homes. Every business owner has the right to protect their business and their valuables from property destruction and theft. The trouble is that many people do not invest in fencing that provides adequate protection against intruders. Even if you’re thinking about upgrading your current level of security and installing new fencing, you might be concerned about expenses. You may be wondering: what do fencing contractors charge?

Fencing That Really Gets the Job Done Without Compromise

Of course, we’re all concerned about expenses at some level, but we think that our secure fencing speaks for itself. After all, we’re not selling second rate aluminium fences here! Our design and engineering team has years of experience in sourcing the best quality materials and putting together fences that really do the job. The cost of fencing varies from job to job. Every installation is unique and requires a different combination of fence styles and materials to be effective. One of our happy customer support representatives can help figure out what your project will cost. Please contact us, give us a call on 1800 666 927 now to find out more.

Our Croc Top fence topping is a good example of an affordable security solution. Designed and engineered by us to the highest standards, our Croc Top product is a premium quality anti-climb system that really works. You may remember seeing broken glass on the top of old stone fences, or even people using barbed wire on top of fences to prevent intruders climbing up and over the fence. Our Croc Top is more durable, more effective and looks a lot better sitting on top of a fence. We can tailor it to your existing fence or include it as part of a fence installation.

We recommend one of our tough steel fences with the addition of a Croc Top as an affordable solution for small businesses looking for some added perimeter security. Adding some height to the steel fence and including one of our great looking anti-climb Croc Tops is an excellent and highly affordable solution for businesses of any size and even for homeowners who want extra security.

Are you Looking for the next level of safety? Try Coromesh!

For industrial fencing and barrier fencing around waterways and public parks, our Corromesh Anti-Climb fencing may be the perfect solution for you. Corromoesh uses less steel, but provides just as much security as other similarly priced fencing solutions. With this product, we have carefully designed and engineered a premium quality fence that uses a tough and durable steel frame overlaid with horizontal corrugated panels. This not only provides excellent strength, but also means that it looks great. Where aesthetic qualities and security are of primary concern, our Corromesh product fits the bill.

Come In and See Us with Any Questions

We cater to a wide range of clients, including government departments, industry heavyweights, private corporations, small businesses, and homeowners. We have a fencing solution that will suit everyone—and every budget. If you want something perfectly customised for your needs, get in touch and see what we can design for you!