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5 Ways You Can Secure Your Business Against Theft And Vandalism

Office block; factory; warehouse; construction site; roadside cafe… It doesn’t matter whether your business is big or small, in town or country, you still face two threats: theft and vandalism.  Not a nice thought we agree, but there’s no use burying your head in the sand – facts are facts, even if they hurt.

Many Australians are unsure how to protect themselves and their businesses against the threats of the 21st century.  Unfortunately, these threats don’t always come from the outside: there’s always the possibility of theft and vandalism by employees, too.

Thankfully, there are ways and means to secure your property and give you the peace of mind you deserve.  With today’s state-of-the-art technology, brought to you by Australian Security Fencing, you can rest easy, knowing that your place is properly secured, 24/7.

Here are 5 of our top picks business security:

Security Fencing

It goes without saying, that when it comes to keeping intruders out, it starts with the fence.  And, obvious as that might sound, many businesses do not put enough emphasis on this initial step.  The presence of a formidable security fence is step #1 to removing your business from the ‘easy targets’ list.  Modern anti-climb and anti-penetration mesh fences make intrusion a nearly impossible feat, and to top it off (excuse the pun) adding a product such as Razar Tape adds that extra level of deterrent that will really test even a die-hard burglar.

Controlled Access

If scaling the fence isn’t an option, the gate might be, so stop them there.  Access control allows you to monitor who enters and exits the property at any time.  And not only from the street either – internal access control between offices, buildings, warehouses etc allows you to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing specific areas on your site.  Access control can be achieved through a number of different systems: swipe cards, coded keypads, and even biometric recognition systems are all popular methods of controlling personnel on site.

Security Cameras

You can’t be everywhere at once physically watching what’s going on, so record it!  Whether it’s outside intruders or employees, security cameras provide invaluable evidence in the event of theft or vandalism.  Multiple screens set up around the premises mean that many pairs of eyes can see what’s going on in different areas – this is a guaranteed deterrent to troublemakers.

Security Lighting

If you are serious about safety, keep the place well lit, even at night.

Personnel Checks

Prevention is better than cure.  An old cliché maybe, but one that’s all too true!  Undertake thorough screening before taking on a new employee.  Ask questions, check criminal records, find out about their employment history, education and background so that you make informed decisions before you hire.  This will help you recognize a potential high-risk employee, and save you a world of pain down the track.

At Australian Security Fencing, we’re serious about protecting you and your assets.  That’s why we are supplying businesses across the country with systems that are using the latest technology to ensure maximum security, day and night.  Call us today on 1800 666 927 and discuss your needs with one of our team.



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