High Security Fence’s For Correctional Facilities.

There are certain situations where regular fencing just isn’t sufficient.  And correctional facilities are one of them.  In this case, the fence is the main line of protection for the community, both inside and outside the compound, so it has to be up to scratch.

Correctional facility fencing isn’t something that you can take chances on.  It must be right, and right first time around.  There’s no room for error and no place for dodgy workmanship.

At Australian Security Fencing, we pride ourselves in manufacturing and installing only top-notch products.  Our high security fence range for correctional facilities has been proved to be right up there when it comes to strength, durability and functionality.

Super Strong

Securemax® is an Australian made product and our first suggestion for correctional facility fencing. It is manufactured using Extra Heavy Duty wire mesh, and it’s anti-climb and anti-penetration qualities are second to none.   Securemax® has taken high security fence standards to another level, and has been proved successful in applications right across the country, and overseas.  Quality materials and workmanship mean that our fences are guaranteed to withstand the test of time and weather, providing a safer community for everyone.

Anti-penetration qualities

To provide adequate security for both the general community and those inside the compound, correctional facility fencing must have outstanding anti-penetration qualities.  The team at Australian Security Fencing has been manufacturing and installing this type of fencing for over 25 years, and we understand what it takes.  That’s why we’ve developed fencing systems with fixings that can only be removed using specialist tools and equipment, and that are strong enough to withstand any amount of pressure applied by personnel, on either side of the fence.

Securemax® fences can be topped with additional anti-scale features such as razor wire, or Croc Top security fence spikes.  These products add an extra barrier for any would-be escapees.

There is a significant risk to correctional facilities posed by the general public, in the form of people who would try to smuggle contraband into the facility, for those housed within.  That’s why our fencing systems often incorporate two or more lines of fencing around the perimeter – this helps eliminate the chance of things being passed through or thrown over the top of the fence.

Access control

The fence itself is only half the story when it comes to security at correctional facilities.  The other very important thing to consider is access control.  And at Australian Security Fencing, we’ve got this sorted.  Our range of automated gates includes systems such as keypad ID and biometric recognition to ensure maximum security for inmates, staff and the general public, at all times.

The team at Australian Security Fencing have the expertise, the experience and the skills provide you with a fence that really counts.  Call us today on 1800 666 927 to discuss your needs.  Your security is our priority.