Jun 2, 2018 in Perimeter Fencing & Control
Whats The Best Type Of Fencing For Industrial Estates?

We’re talking big dollars. Bulk assets.  Prime targets for theft and vandalism.  And to protect this kind of investment, you need more than your average garden fence.  Industrial estates call for high-security fencing and total protection systems.

An industrial estate is more than just a single business.  It’s an area that’s developed for the express purpose of housing multiple businesses and warehouses.  While these facilities are a fantastic provision for business owners, unfortunately, they are also a magnet for crooks: large amounts of high-value assets in one area.  A lot of damage can be done to more than one business in a short space of time, so the key is to stop those undesirables getting onto the property in the first place.

So, this brings us to ‘De Fence!!’

Modern fencing products and techniques are making it harder for criminals to penetrate industrial estates.  Securemax 338/358 is the ideal product for this situation: it’s anti-climb, anti-penetration properties make it nearly impossible to get over or through!  In addition, tamper-proof fixings make it extremely difficult to remove panels.

If the situation calls for extra security measures, the fence itself can be used as a foundation for a total perimeter control system.

Other systems that can be added include:

Razar Tape

This is a serious security measure.  Comprising of a steel cable armed with hideously sharp blades, this product has been designed to deter even the most die-hard intruder.  In fact, the mere presence of this notorious fence topper is often enough to discourage an attempted break-in, and if not, it sure makes scaling the fence a very painful experience!

Sabra Fencing

Why not ratchet the security up a level by adding another of our innovative and highly sophisticated products: Sabra Fence.  Combining state-of-the-art technology with first hand experience, we have designed this product to detect any attempted intrusion and immediately transmit data it to a central hub where action can be taken.  Nobody likes being called out in the dead of night to a false alarm call, so how’s this?:  the Sabra Fence system uses fully encapsulated, highly sensitive transducers capable of differentiating between a false alarm and genuine intrusion!  Now, that’s security at it’s best!

Entry Control

Controlled entry is key to protecting industrial estates.  At Australian Security Fencing, we recommend entry control both on the perimeter fence and also within your business or warehouse.  Coded keypads, swipe cards, and biometric recognition systems make it hard for unauthorized personnel to get into high-security areas and reduce the risk of theft and/or vandalism.

In addition to the security aspect, entry control helps to prevent hazards associated with traffic either entering or exiting the property, or within the compound itself.

At Australian Security Fencing, we take your security seriously.  That’s why we have developed products to keep you and your assets safe, 24/7.  Call us today on 1800 666 927 and discuss your fencing needs with one of our team.