Jul 30, 2018 in Perimeter Fencing & Control
Dual Levels Of Protection With Forcefield Systems

Imagine you’ve taken the first step towards securing your premises, assets and inventory but really want to amp up the level of protection. You’ve got the automated security gates and a top-shelf security fencing solution, what more could you possibly add?

From its humble beginnings in the 1930s for control of livestock, the electric fence has morphed it’s way to become a sophisticated piece of equipment. Obviously, there are numerous agricultural and domestic applications, but the electric fence has become a major player in commercial security. Enter the ForceField Sytem!

The phrase ‘ForceField System’ has a way of conjuring up thoughts about all things Jedis, light sabres and Star Wars. But the ForceField system is actually not so futuristic.

So, what is the ForceField System you ask? Good question.

Essentially you could think of the ForceField System as a live wire fencing system. It comes with up to 2000 different electric fence zones that run back to a smart monitoring system which is highly customisable. Each zone can be configured to monitor the fence integrity even when it is disarmed.

Electrical pulses are monitored by the system in the situation the fence may be cut, shorted out or tampered with. This clever solution can ensure that even if one area of your fence is attacked or disabled, every wire in the fencing system is then energised.

The ForceField System provides dual levels of protection for your premises because it is used in combination with security fencing such as SecureMax. You could think of it as protection layer one being the security fence itself and layer two as the electrical component. The super tough anti-climb, anti-penetration Securemax fencing is intimidating in its own right. Add a Forcefield System to the mix and you’re definitely saying you’re ‘serious about security’.

What does this mean for the brazen thief or vandal?

If the sheer intimidation of security fencing is not enough of a deterrent, the bright yellow ELECTRIC FENCE warning signs might cause your thief or vandal to reconsider. Brave or stupid, the result will be the same. Touching the electric fence will deliver a short, sharp, (but safe) electric shock to the assailant. This will certainly make your would-be thief or vandal think twice about round two with your perimeter.

Thinking of expanding your business?

Expansion is no problem for the ForceField System. Every controller can be upgraded and included in a wide area control system which can be managed from a central location.

For the business that is serious about security, the ForceField System from Australian Security Fencing is well worth exploring. With a plethora of customisations available, it is a versatile and adaptable option for perimeter protection.

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