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Are Electric Fences Legal In NSW – What Are The Laws Surrounding Them?

Electric fences are a serious security measure for both commercial and residential properties. They are used extensively across NSW to protect private and company assets, secure prisons and correctional facilities and defend government and other high-security buildings.  Electric fences offer a formidable physical and psychological barrier to trespassers, they help prevent unauthorized entry/exit and can be integrated with security systems to notify property owners of attempted security breaches.

Are electric fences legal?  This frequently asked question deserves a few minutes attention:

Fencing in Australia is regulated by state and local laws.

Before you launch into your fencing project, we suggest you spend time researching what is ok in your area.

Jump online (the internet has a plethora of information about fencing) and approach your local council.  Some residential areas are bound by fencing covenants, so take your time and acquaint yourself with all the relevant criteria.

Electric fences are legal in NSW, provided they meet all local and state regulations.  The Dividing Fences Act 1991 (DFA) relates boundary fences and sets out the rules and regulations regarding the cost of fencing and maintenance.  In addition to this, your local council may have specific criteria which you need to meet.

All sounds a bit daunting?  At Australian Security Fencing, we understand fencing law.  Our team of experts can help you achieve a fence that’s secure, strong and meets all legal standards.  From initial consultation to construction, installation and maintenance, we’ve got your fencing requirements covered.  Your security is our priority.

Are electric fences legal

Sabra Fence

Sabra Fence is an innovative, highly sensitive and very effective perimeter security system that can be retrofitted to many existing fencing structures.

The system is so advanced that it can differentiate between environmental interference and genuine intrusion!

Individual sensors are spaced at intervals of 3 – 5 meters and detection occurs at each sensor.  In most situations, installing Sabra Fence is relatively quick and easy.


Forcefield Electric Fence

When a full electric security system is needed, Forcefield offers ultimate protection.  With dual-levels of detection and adjustable levels of voltage, this system can detect cross-coupling of any two zones.  Forcefield Electric Fence can be used in conjunction with Sabra Fence and mesh fencing products supplied by Australian Security Fencing.  Individual zones can be armed or disarmed using the central control.  This allows for total control over access/exit points and areas needing servicing or maintenance.

Electric fences are protecting both property owners and the public right across NSW.  For more information on your fencing project, contact the team at Australian Security Fencing today on 1800 666 927.


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