Sep 12, 2016 in Perimeter Fencing & Control
Are Electric Fences Safe for Dogs?

Dogs, with their reputation for being the most loving of all companions, and above all their loyalty they really are mans best friend. With proper training having a dog as a pet can be one of the most rewarding things you could ever do… but it can also be one of the most challenging!

Why Install a electric fence for your Dog?

Does your dog ever run away from your residence? Does the dog listen and obey your directions? There are many factors that contribute to having a good obedient dog, breed, temperament and of course training.

Many people who have dogs as pets or even guard dogs, need to know they are safe and protected inside their property. Often they find themselves asking the question, are electric fences safe for dogs? Electric fences can be a wonderful tool for keeping animals inside your perimeter as well as keeping unwanted guests out. But of course, when we think of Electric fences and animals we often assume they are inhumane. Which is in fact not the case.

Dogs are known to be fast learner animals. But they also have the energy, curiosity, and instinct to roam and wander around, run and play, hunt and chase. Some dogs want to stay at home even though they have this full freedom, but most dogs have a natural curiosity that leads them to stray when the opportunity arises. Because of this, a lot of pet owners (especially those new pet owners) have difficulty keeping their pets safe. For this reason, it is very important to find a reliable solution to keep your dog away from danger.

Benefits of a electric fence system

There are ways of training and devices you can use to keep your dog within the vicinity and away from whatever peril he may find or cause. One of the popular yet safe and very effective solutions is an electric dog fence. This is an economical substitute for putting up a fence or possibly chain link fencing. This type of dog fence is a method tested to keep your dog safe. With electric fencing, your dog can easily wander and play openly and freely while still having a perimeter it knows to stay inside of. Aside from this, you can still protect your garden; pool areas and patios without having undesirable fences.

So how does it work?

An electric fencing system consists of wiring that when used correctly will give your dog a mild shock when it goes near the perimeter. It is meant to act as a warning. This will make an indication that your dog has to avoid crossing the restricted areas. The shock is only mild and doesn’t hurt the animal but re enforces that this area is off limits. Most dogs are quick learners and will pick this up pretty quick.

Electric fences when installed correctly and used with correct training will never harm your dog. Electric fences aren’t always necessary in residential properties but can be great for larger properties such as farms or industrial buildings. If you do decide to go ahead with an electric fence, make sure you contact the professionals at Australian Security Fencing to have one properly installed.

Electric pet fences do work, and they provide an extra measure of safety and security for your precious pets.