Aug 26, 2019 in Perimeter Fencing & Control
Identifying And Managing Different Types Of Security Risks In Your Workplace

Identifying and managing workplace hazards has never been more important.  As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to be proactive and ensure that your workplace is a safe and secure, your staff are trained, and any security risks are monitored.

There are several basic areas of workplace hazard, all of which can be controlled by installing the appropriate security systems


This covers any dangerous situation which could cause physical injury, sickness or possible death to anybody on your property  Physical dangers may include traffic hazards, exposure to harmful chemicals, the threat from unwanted intrusion or security breaches by unauthorized personnel.

To effectively manage physical risks, it is important that the appropriate security systems and monitoring devices are installed. This helps to protect employees and record the entrance and exit of personnel and vehicles from the property 24/7. Security fencing, controlled access points, bollards and gates will help to control traffic and guide pedestrians and ensure authorized entrance into high-security zones.


The storage and security of harmful chemicals continue to be a concern for many business owners. Incorrect handling and protection of flammable goods and dangerous chemicals may result in illness, physical harm, explosions and fires.

It is important to train staff and monitor your chemical storage area to ensure that it is safe, and goods are handled correctly.  Installing high-security fencing, security gates, cameras and personal recognition devices will help you monitor who comes and goes from this high-security area, and record and monitor any inappropriate handling of goods.


Environmental dangers may be natural, but they may also be created by activities carried out on your property.  Security fencing around waterways, mining activities, unstable landfill sites and waste treatment facilities are essential.

It is your responsibility to protect employees and the public from environmental dangers on your site.

Security fencing and appropriate signage are important to raise public awareness of dangers and prevent unauthorized access. Electronic detection systems such as Sabra Fence and Forcefield commercial fencing systems provide complete protection from unwanted intrusion and allow property owners to monitor sites and record activities, even from offsite.

How can I Control Security Risks if I’m not Present 24/7?

In today’s busy and competitive business world, the ability to control security risks around the clock and from anywhere is very important.  By installing a totally integrated security system, site managers and business owners can integrate multiple security systems, allowing them to monitor personnel movement and control access points remotely.  Data recording equipment such as security cameras, personal recognition devices and coded/card access provide invaluable evidence in the event of a security breach or attempted intrusion.

High-security fencing, controlled access points, and detection systems supplied by Australian Security Fencing are right on the cutting edge of technology.  Our team understands what it takes to secure your business and protect your employees in today’s business environment.  For more information on risk assessment and security systems, call us on 1800 666 927 and talk to one of our team members.  We care about your protection.