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The Many Benefits of Installing a Perimeter Fence

Perimeter fencing can have many benefits for both residential and commercial purposes. There are lots of ways it can help keep your home and company safe. Depending on what safety features you are seeking, there are a wide variety of benefits to you personally, and your business.

It can increase your property value.
  • By installing a perimeter fence, you are protecting your assets. Many buyers seek out properties that are already secured, because it ensures that from the moment they move in they are safe and secure and there is no downtime to this while they install their own. The fence alone can be one of your greatest selling features.
  • It can have a higher curb appeal. You can’t put a price on safety.
  • It can reduce your liabilities. It is easier to have a home insured that has proper measures in place to make it a safer space. The same can be said for having perimeter fencing around your business.
  • If you go with perimeter fencing that has cameras you have peace of mind in knowing that no matter what occurs on the property, whether intruder or otherwise, there is proof of who did it and what exactly happened.
  • Speaking of intruders, a home with security fencing is much less likely to be targeted than one without due to how much more difficult it can be to access a property that is secured.
  • They can keep your children safe and contained within your property, same goes with any animals you may have. The fencing doesn’t just prevent others from entering, it can prevent children or animals from wandering off. This can offer you’re a great deal of comfort knowing that they can be outside, without supervision and still remain safe.
  • It prevents people from crossing through your yard and property. Nothing is more annoying than someone using your property as a short-cut to where ever they are going. With proper fencing, there is no chance for people to cut through your property or interfere with what you are doing around your home.
  • It ensures that your valuable property stays where it should be. A thief is less likely to enter an area that has perimeter fencing to steal your car or anything else you may have on your property.
Boundaries and Property Disputes
  • It gives a clear definition of where your property lines are, and what land belongs to you. It removes the possibilities of disputes on unfenced or non-enclosed areas.
  • Security fences also tend to be lower maintenance than other wooden property fencing and can have longer lives before having to be repaired or replaced. The cost of installation will be well worth it over the lifetime of the fencing.

As you can see there are many different benefits to having a perimeter fence and many reasons why you should consider having one. If you are looking for a new fencing for your home or business, our team at Australian Security Fencing would be happy to help you out. With your safety in mind, we can find the right fencing for your needs.


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