Nov 25, 2016 in Perimeter Fencing & Control
Perimetre Fencing – Proctecting your Property

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How Perimeter Fencing Can Effectively Protect Your Business

 Perimeter fencing is the first line of defense around any organisations perimeter so it pays to invest wisely.  Moreover, it is the first impression made on a visitor, so appropriate high-security fencing acts as a capable deterrent.

What most people fail to realize is just how complex perimeter security is in our current environment.  There are legal requirements to be met and most applications are unique, so the solution to the problem is specific to each case.  In most instances, high-security perimeter protection requires a combination of measures including fencing, electric pulse technology, electronic surveillance and CCTV systems.

Corromesh and Securemax Perimeter Fencing

Securemax is a high security perimeter fencing system that integrates anti-climb and anti-penetrate barriers.  It also features a see through appearance that blends into the neighboring surroundings.  It is lightweight yet provides incredible strength.

Corromesh is a strong and extremely versatile fencing solution that has anti-climb and anti-cut features, as well as finger proof apertures.  It can be retrofitted to existing fence structures and laid in any direction or on any uneven surface to give you a smooth and uninterrupted fence line.

Both Corromesh and Securemax fencing systems can be used in conjunction with an electric defense system or the Sabra fence mount package.

Additional Security Solutions

Razar Tape is a verified anti-climb barrier that can be fitted to existing fences and structures.  Visually, it is extremely aggressive and physically it forces would-be intruders away from the structure.  It is available in flat loop or a concertina configurations, as well as a barbless razor tape option which features a safe, undetectable pulse along the anti-climb coil.

Forcefield electric perimeter fencing is a purpose built multi zone electric fencing system.  Its features include dual levels of detection, selectable zone control, high voltage monitoring and full smart battery backup protection.  It’s controlled via the Forcefield software system which operates all control, logic and alarm statuses and also records each event.

Perimeter Control Systems

The Forcefield Perimeter Control is an expandable control and management software package that was especially designed for the operation of the Forcefield Electric Fence System.  It allows an authorised user to control the system, view alarms and statuses, and manage acknowledgements and recorded events within the database.

The Australian security fencing Sabra Perimeter Controller is an intelligent and cutting edge software system that has the capability to control various types of perimeter detection hardware.  A key feature is its ability to provide remote control for 3rd party external systems such as perimeter gates, lighting, open/close, on/off and alarm control data.  It uses intelligent sensor algorithms to provide specific temperature detection and magnetic based advanced patrol detection and recording.

Australian Security Fencing can provide you with solutions to any fencing requirement, from residential to schools, and government buildings to prisons and military installations.  With over 25 years of experience they’re leaders in the industry.

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