Jan 30, 2018 in Security Mesh Fencing
Corromesh® 358 – The Highest Level In Anti Climb Technology

When you want a fence or gate that’s super strong, super resilient and super good to look at, Corromesh® 358 is the way to go!  It’s anti-climb properties, contemporary design, and strong security characteristics have made put Corromesh® 358 right up there with the best in high-security mesh fencing products.
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Australian Made

Corromesh® 358 has been designed and manufactured by Australians, for Australians.  In fact, this is one of Australian Security Fencing’s signature products!  It has been specifically developed by skilled technicians, to be almost impossible to penetrate using traditional hand tools.

Anti Climb Technology

Corromesh® 358 fences and gates are extremely difficult to climb.  Because the fence panels do not require horizontal support beams and the mesh itself is corrugated, there is minimal chance for foot or hand grips.  And, topped with a further anti-invasion strategy such as razor wire, it presents a nasty and intimidating challenge for any would-be invaders or escapees!

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Aesthetically Appealing

Not everyone who needs a high-security fence wants their property to look like a jail.  And that’s probably one of the main reasons that Corromesh® 358 is so popular.  It’s stylish and modern, as well as being a tough barrier to penetrate.  The traditional, corrugated appearance somewhat misrepresents its strength. However, the open mesh effect allows it to blend well into the surrounding environment.  It is available in either Zalcote or a huge range of colored powder coat finishes, which means that it can be integrated beautifully into your landscape design.

So, in what situations has Corromesh® 358 been used?

Its uses are many and varied, however, here are just a few of the situations where this mesh fencing has been proved to be a roaring success:

  • Correctional facilities
  • Parks and waterways fencing
  • Industrial and warehouse sites
  • Public walkways
  • Machine safety guards
  • Bridges
  • Power stations
  • Government utility sites
  • Safety screens and enclosures

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Just a few more advantages of Corromesh® 358

Corromesh® 358 has been proved to be successful, even in the harshest of climates.  It is manufactured using premium Australian wire and incorporates Zalcote (zinc alloy) coatings which give it the strength to withstand even harsh marine environments.
Another huge advantage of Corromesh® 358 is that it can be retro-fitted to any existing fencing posts or structure.  The sheets can be overlapped in any direction to suit any situation, and they stack neatly for easy transport and handling.
The team at Australian Security Fencing understands what it takes to properly secure your property.  And modern technology combined with top quality products mean that we’re right up there with the best when it comes to high-security mesh fencing.  Call us today on 1800 666 927. We’re serious about the safety of your property.