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  • Security Fencing for Utilities
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Typical examples of Utility and Infrastructure installations and fencing solutions using ASF products:

Electrical Subststaion- 350 nationally

Essential Energy, Endeavour Energy, Power and Water NT, Jemena, Western Power, Powerlink Qld, SPI Ausnet

Water and Gas Facilities- National installations, various sites

Sydney Water, Country Water NSW, State Councils, Victorian Desalination Plant, South Australian Water, Origin Energy, AGL

Telecommunications and IT Facilities

Telstra, Optus, NBN Co., Metronode, NSW Police Force, Essential Energy

Local Councils

Baulkham Hills Council, Blacktown Council, Campbelltown Council, Kempsey Council

Security Fencing For Utilities 

Investing in a reliable security fencing for utilities system is necessary due to the current high level of insecurity. For sites such as industrial sites, warehouses, airports, utilities and factories, high level systems of security are needed. High security fencing is one of the many security systems that can be used for such premises. 

Although security fencing for utilities has been in use for centuries, its basic functions still apply today. Fences were developed with the main function of keeping intruders out. They also acted as territorial barriers, privacy barriers, as well as solutions to keep detainees within a specified area. 

High security fences are improved versions of simple fences and are designed with the same basic functions in mind. However, they have improved features that make them more efficient as barriers when compared to the simple fences. They are more difficult to get past if not impossible. 

There are several factors that ought to be considered when choosing a high security fencing system. There is a wide range of security fencing for high level security. It is therefore important to consider your specific requirements to make the choosing process simpler. 

When considering high security fencing, you may be required to include aesthetic appeal in your consideration. Security fencing for utilities Australia is a security system whose innovative design provides both security and aesthetic appeal. This security fencing solution is also known for its great strength. 

Security fencing for utilities Australia is an innovative high security fencing system that is easy to install and is lightweight. The fence is strong and provides high performance against climbing and cut through. Public areas, schools, industries and commercial sites requiring high visibility for security benefit from the visibility provided by the fence throughout its length. There is a wide selection of panel sizes to choose from. 

Security fencing for utilities Australia is a less noticeable fence for those seeking high security fencing with a lower visual impact. This fence is known internationally for high performance. It is an effective barrier against cut-through and climbing. It is an effective security system for industrial sites, airports and military grounds. 

High security fencing has been designed with the aim of providing high performance. Providers of fencing are also providing fences with aesthetic appeal. Security accessories are also available for an additional fee. Instead of risking having a break into your premises/property just invest in a good security fencing system. It is just a one-time investment and then you can rest in peace knowing that your property is secure. It is better than trying to pursue a break-in case or counting losses after a break-in. 


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