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Can Chain Link Fence Be Installed On A Slope Or Uneven Ground?

Rolling hills, uneven ground and sloping terrain… can chain link fence be installed on a slope?  Yes! In fact, if your property is one that boasts one or more of these natural landscape features, chain link fencing is an excellent option. Chain link fencing ensures that your boundaries are clearly marked, and your property is safe. It also means your assets are kept secure.

There are several different methods of installing a chain link fence on uneven or sloping ground. Read below to find out which option would be best suited to your situation:

Retaining Walls

If you are concerned about the aesthetics and street appeal of your property, you may choose to install a retaining wall along the boundary to even the ground and provide a base for your fencing project.

By stepping your retaining wall, you can ‘tame’ sloping ground and achieve a series of flat surfaces along which your security fence can be installed.  At the same time, a retaining wall adds undeniable landscaping charm to your property.

can chain link fence be installed on a slope?

Fill and Fence

If your property is slightly undulating or has irregular ditches and potholes, you may choose to fill these irregularities and install your chain mesh fence along the ‘smoothed out’ contours of the land. Because chain mesh is simply rolled out and tied off to vertical terminal posts, it can be installed on gently undulating ground with relative ease.


If you wish to achieve an even top line, you may decide to trim the bottom of your chain mesh fence.  This option is a great way to ensure that you achieve a fence that is secure and strong. Without spending extra money and time on extensive earthworks.

Will My Chain Mesh Fence be Secure Enough?

Chain mesh fencing remains a popular option for one simple reason: it really works!

Tough, reliable, weather-resistant, low maintenance… what more could you want?

If you require extra security measures, chain mesh provides an excellent structure to which electronic detection systems, Razar Tape, security cameras and lighting can be mounted.

Total Perimeter Systems

Sabra Fence and Forcefield Electronic Security Fence are systems which have been designed to provide different levels of protection for your property and assets.  Highly sophisticated and exceptionally accurate, systems such as these are groundbreakers in the security world and can be used in conjunction with your chain mesh fence.

Gates/Access Points

Access points are an important part of any perimeter security system. And controlled access points allow you to monitor who comes and goes from your property 24/7.  By securing both your external and internal security gates with a coded, card, pin or biometric recognition system, you can record personnel entering and exiting via these access points.  In the unfortunate event of trouble, these records can provide valuable evidence.

For more information about chain mesh fences, call the experts at Australian Security Fencing on 1800 666 927.  From the initial consultation to erection and ongoing maintenance, our team has your needs covered.


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