May 25, 2018 in Bollards, Gates & Turnstiles
Bollards, Anti-Ram Barriers, And Boom Gates

When you say ‘STOP!’, you mean it.  And in some situations, you might have to enforce it.

Bollards, Boom Gates and Anti-Ram Barriers are essential to any traffic control system.  Whether they’re temporary or fixed, they define the boundaries, protect both property and people from harm and help improve traffic flow.  They are protecting lives and livelihoods all over the country.

Embedded Security Bollards

Like it or not, there are situations that require hostile vehicle protection.  The news is full of nasty stories about vehicle aggression used to gain entrance to high-security zones, so it’s necessary to protect ourselves and our assets.  High-security zones such as embassies, arms storage, defense facilities, prisons, and cash handling warehouses require security measures to prevent vehicle breaches, and thankfully, there are products available to do just that.  As the name suggests, embedded security bollards are fixed into the ground and are highly impact resistant.  They’re tough, reliable and proven.

Retractable Bollards

Retractable Bollards

Taking it up a level, external locking security bollards provide protection that is more secure.  Still a temporary measure, they are perfect for public events or roadwork sites.

Retractable bollards combine both high security and accessibility.  They are ideal for situations that call for both regular vehicle access and strong security measures.

Surface Mounted Bollards

Construction sites and public events often call for protection which is temporary, but tough. Surface mounted bollards are easy to set up and can be installed in almost any situation.  While they don’t provide vehicle breach resistance, they are perfect for guiding both foot traffic and vehicles and ensuring they are kept at safe distances from valuable assets and property.

Boom Gates

We’ve all been had to slow down and get a ticket from the machine to open the boom gate at the airport!  Boom gates are a proven method of both controlling traffic and preventing unauthorized personnel from entering high security areas.  Reliable and easy to use, they are a great option for:

  • parking lots
  • rail infrastructure
  • industrial estates
  • hospitals
  • warehouse storage
  • aged care facilities
  • hotel garages
  • correctional facilities

Boom gates can be operated using coded keypads, card access, coin receptors or a simple push-button system, depending on the level of security required.  As in the scenario of the airport, they can be used in conjunction with a parking fee system, ‘killing two birds with one stone’, so to speak.

Secure Glide Gates

Secureglide Gates are the ultimate solution for access control.  Easy to operate, reliable, and tough, with no need for tracks or overhead rails.  Available in both cantilevered and swinging style, they provide maximum control with minimum fuss.  And in situations that call for the toughest of the tough, Secureglide gates can be made anti-ram capable.

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